CCS started a fund-raiser a few years ago to help with your tuition cost. It only takes a couple of minutes to go online to and sign-up.

Basically it is gift cards you purchase at face value and use to shop with or give as gifts. Some cards such as Lowes, Gap/Old Navy, CVS, and Starbucks are reloadable. You can reload them on-line and the cards will be good the following day. New for this year are gift cards you can load/reload and print the cards for immediate use. We also keep Food Lion and Piggly Wiggly cards in the office you may purchase anytime. Some of our parents have raised enough money to pay their book fees. One parent this year has over $400 towards their book fees/tuition. It just depends on how much you use the cards. You may have your friends or family to purchase cards under your name and you will receive credit from their purchases also. It only takes a few minutes to check out this program and you may call me if you have any questions. There are many companies you can choose from and each one has a different percentage rate. When you order gift cards at face value (ex. $25 gift card for $25) you will receive 45% of that company’s percentage towards your tuition/book fees for the 2011/2012 school year. Any ordering you do between now and May 15th, 2011 will be added to your tuition for next year. You can even check your balance on Shopwithscrip to keep up with how much money you are making. Just remember to take 45% of the online total.

For more information on the Scripts program contact Sandra Sloan at 843-365-2005.