Ms. Connie Smith


Mr. Tim Lee

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Laura Hogue

Academic Dean & Guidance

Mrs. Gloria Frost

Financial Assistant

Mrs. Sandra Sloan

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Kim English


Mrs. Hope Dickerson


Mrs. Shannon Anderson

Admissions Director

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Ember McDaniel

K3 Teacher

Mrs. Kim Norris

K4 Teacher

Mrs. Catherine O’Sullivan

K5 Teacher

Mrs. Cindy Cox

K5 Teacher

Mrs. Sylvia Herring

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Carmin Samaha

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Pam Hord

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Barbara Roberts

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Norma Jackson

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Shawnda Poston

Bible and Physical Edication

Mrs. Mary VonCannon

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Maryanne Martin

1st Grade Teacher

Middle/High Faculty

Mrs. Mabry Ann Jackson

English & Bible Teacher

Mrs. Ranell Bowers


Mrs. Kelly Ammons

Mathematics & Science

Mr. Chris VonCannon

Mathematics, Science & P.E.

Mrs. Shawnda Poston

Bible and Physical Edication

Mr. Daniel Heit

High School Teacher

Mr. John Goldston


Mr. Roger Bazen

History & Social Studies

Fine Arts Faculty

Support Staff

Mrs. Angel Sams

School Lunch Coordinator

Ms. Joni Hill

Kindergarten Aid, ESD Staff

Rev. Jason DeFoor

CCS Chaplain & Bible Teacher

Ms. Brandy Turner

Kindergarten Aide and Elementary Art Teacher

Administrative Faculty
Principal – Ms. Connie Smith B.A. English and Secondary Education: Coastal Carolina University

Assistant Principal – Mr. Tim Lee B.A. Psychology: Coastal Carolina University;
M.S. Sports Science: United States Sports Academy; M.S. Education: Capella  University

Secretary – Mrs. Kim English 

Secretary – Mrs. Sandra Sloan 

Financial Secretaries – Mr. and Mrs. David Frost

Elementary Faculty
K-3 – Mrs. Ember McDaniel K-4–Mrs. Kim Norris 3 years course work in elementary education: Coastal Carolina University

K-5 – Mrs. Catherine O’Sullivan 2 years course work at Horry-Georgetown Technical College/Coastal Carolina University in elementary education

K-5 – Mrs. Cindy Cox 

First – Mrs. Sylvia Herring Diploma, Theology: Langston Bible Institute

First – Mrs. Maryanne Martin B.A. Elementary Education: Louisiana State University and M.A. in Education: Lamar University

Second – Mrs. Carmin Samaha B.A. History/Education: Coastal Carolina University

Third – Mrs. Pam Hord B.A. Elementary Education: Coastal Carolina University

Fourth – Mrs. Barbara Roberts B.A. Music Education: Texas A & I University

Fifth – Mrs. Mary VonCannon 

Sixth – Mrs. Norma Jackson 

Middle/High School Faculty
Mrs. Connie Smith B.A. English and Secondary Education: Coastal Carolina University Mrs. Laura Hogue B.A. Journalism and M.A. Community and Occupational Programs in Education: University of South Carolina

Mrs. Mabry Ann Jackson B.A. Journalism: University of South Carolina

Mr. Chris VonCannon 

Mrs. Ranell Bowers 

Mr. Larry Deeds B.S. Elementary Ed. Science: Concord College; MA Education Supervision: Marshall University; 30 Plus hours Counsel and Guidance Administration: West Virginia College of Graduate Studies `

Mr. Roger Bazen B.S. Political Science: Francis Marion University; M.A: University of South Carolina

Mrs.  Kelly Ammons

Mr. John Goldston B.S. Science: Clemson University; M.S. Science: Clemson University

Computer Science
Fine Arts
Ms. Janet Inman Haigh B.A. Music Education: Conservatory of Music, Wheaton College; graduate studies in music: University of South Carolina. She will be teaching flute, voice and directing the hand chimes and the choirs.

Mr. Shawn DeArmond Studied guitar with Tom Yoder; attended Coastal Carolina University. He will be teaching beginning, intermediate, advanced guitar and electric bass.

Mrs. Robin Simmons B.A. Music Education: USC – Coastal Carolina  University; Master of Music: Lesley University.  She will be teaching piano and accompanying the choirs and soloists.

Mrs. Debbie Timms B.A. Music Education: Virginia Intermont College; Master M. Ed.: University of South Carolina

Guidance Mrs. Laura Hogue B.A. Journalism; M.A. Community and Occupational Programs in Education: University of South Carolina
Physical Education
Mrs. Shawnda Poston B.S. Bible: Emmaus Bible College