Come out and support CCS and our mission! The Dash for Cash Color Splash goes towards helping fund the growth and improvement of Conway Christian School. Tuition for CCS students only covers about 80% of what it costs for CCS to operate, so raising the rest by fundraising is a LOT more fun than raising tuition! We want to keep tuition low at CCS and along with that, we want to grow and improve not only our campus but our programs and athletics as well! Your donation to our Dash for Cash event will go towards the future of CCS and we look forward to you all being a part of that!

The goal for each student is $300 in order for us to meet our school-wide fundraising goal of $75,000! Because this will be our ONLY school-wide fundraiser/event for the year, our Dash for Cash event will feature a lot of great incentives! What would you say if your child could earn a $2,500 tuition credit for the coming year?? This year, each student/family that raises $600 will be entered in the drawing for a $2,500 tuition credit. ON TOP OF THAT–for EVERY additional $600 the student/family raises their name goes in the drawing AGAIN! So the more money you raise, the more chances you have of winning that $2,500 tuition credit! Returning for 2017, the Color Splash theme will be a great way to have some fun and celebrate all the fundraising that was done on behalf of the students! This year, we encourage parents to become involved and run as well! Come prepared to run and get color on you! Your students are already registered and you should have received an email with all the details about his/her Donation Page. You can upload a profile picture and also add your own notes to send the link to friends and family, near and far! Attached is a page with more instructions on that! We are also inviting anyone with businesses to become involved this year through sponsorship as well as participate in our Vendor Village at this year’s event! The gym will host an array of vendors, class projects to bid on, as well as several other great booths. We have a lot of marketing and promotional incentives with event sponsorship this year as well! So bring your whole family out to an event you will not want to miss, all while helping us GROW & IMPROVE CCS one lap at a time!

Incentives for this year: Each student who meets the individual goal of $300 or the family goal of $600 will receive:

Elementary- Homework pass and Casual Friday(t-shirts/sweatpants) every friday in November/December!

Middle/High– Homework pass and Casual Friday(t-shirts/sweatpants/Flip-Flops) every Friday in November/December! Student with the most money raised will receive: Elementary– Principal for the Day!

Middle/High- Skip a Day!

Each class that gets 100% participation and meets the $300/student goal will receive: A Class Party (to be determined by teacher!)

If the whole school meets the $75,000 goal, the Administrators have to dress up as CLOWNS!


Below are the forms you might need more of!  Download and print as many as you need!  If you would like to get more from the office just stop by and we will have plenty extra!

Donation Form

Event Sponsorship Form

Event Sponsorship Packet


Main Information

SPONSOR A TEAM! Own a business or individually want to sponsor a class team? Visit the Dash for Cash page on the school website( to see what classes are available to sponsor! These are limited to ONE sponsor each and are on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. All team/class sponsorships need to be done through the FRONT OFFICE!

EVENT SPONSORS- The whole reason we do Dash for Cash at CCS is to raise funds that will help fill the gap between tuition and the actual operational costs of the school. Event sponsorship goes towards paying for the actual cost of the event, while also showing the partnership between our school and the community! Depending on the level of sponsorship, there are many different marketing and partnership opportunities at CCS. We look forward to partnering with CCS family businesses as well as businesses in the area. Their support helps CCS tremendously! Each student has an Event Sponsorship Form in their packet in case they know someone that might be interested! If you have questions about sponsorship, please email our Director of Marketing, Holt Pope at!

ENCOURAGE!  Encourage your child to raise at least the goal of $300.  Remember- this year, each student/family that raises $600 will be entered in the drawing for a $2,500 tuition credit.  ON TOP OF THAT–for EVERY additional $600 the student/family raises their name goes in the drawing AGAIN!  So the more money you raise, the more chances you have of winning that $2,500 tuition credit!

VOLUNTEER! The Dash for Cash takes a LOT of volunteering from the parents of CCS in order for the evcnt itself to run smooth. We need volunteers to help with snacks, water, throwing color, etc. in addition to cheering on all the students as they complete the laps that have been sponsored! To get involved contact our Director of Admissions Mrs. Shannon Anderson in the front office or at!

GET STARTED- You will receive an email with your students donation page information. You can customize the page in several locations and there is an instructional video on how to use the page when you first click on the link.

SHARE your donation page via social media, email, or by word of mouth! We will also have other great things for you to share throughout the fundraising portion of the Dash for Cash! At the event, CCS will be “Going Live” on Facebook in case people can not make it in person!

MAIL OR DELIVER flyers with the form on the bottom to friends or family! They can give the students the detached part of the form with payment to put in the official Dash for Cash envelope with the thermometer on the front. Need more forms? You can get more from the front office or download a copy off of!

FILL IT IN! Don’t forget to fill in the thermometer in on the front of your packet to keep track of your total goal of $300/student or $600/family! Keep an eye out for the BIG thermometer with the updated school wide goal! VISIT the website and the main Dash for Cash donation page for up to date information and results!

BRING IT IN- Make sure to bring in your packet to the front office so we can enter any donations onto your donation page for the most accurate goal results!

RAISE MONEY! The more money you raise the more incentives your are eligible for!  And for every $600 a student/family raises their name is entered into a drawing for a $2,500 Tuition Credit!


Interested in being a vendor in our “vendor village” at this year’s Dash for Cash?  Send a message here or contact Holt Pope at!  We are offering vendor spots for every type of business this year!  Indoor and outdoor spaces available!